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About Hillary:

Hillary Ross (BA Dance/English, Wesleyan University) originally trained and worked as a modern dance performer, choreographer and teacher. She has danced professionally with notable groups including Partners: Martynuk/McAdams Dance, Laura Knott Dance Company and Glendance; has had her choreography commissioned by First Night Boston; and has taught dance at the JP Firehouse Arts Center, MIT, Wellesley College, for the Bank of America Celebrity Series and at the Boston Tango Festival. She is a member of the dance faculty at Boston University. She was also on the dance faculty of the Cambridge Center for Adult Education for 16 years and taught tango at Springstep for many years before they sadly closed.

Hillary traveled to Buenos Aires four times for intensive study and immersion in tango culture. Her classes emphasize proper body mechanics along with music and partner connection while building an Argentine tango vocabulary. The structure of the dance is examined so that students learn how to make the dance their own, and what is learned is placed in the context of moving around the social dance floor. Hillary’s students comment on her keen eye for detail, and find her energetic, fun, patient and giving.

Here's what some of her students have to say:

"You teach with energy and a commitment, passion, and a desire to find just the right way to explain or demonstrate for each student to understand, to accomplish the task at hand, and, it seems to me, you give just about all you can. Fortunately you are also very energetic."

"It is a great experience to be in your class. Thank you a lot for this!"

"I learned a lot, [and] had fun."

Hillary "paid attention to individual needs [and] was very engaged about the topic."

She "gave caring criticism."

"A belated e-mail thank you for our terrific lesson with you in Boston last month."

"Thank you for your inspiring lessons. I now feel I have a sense of where I ought to be going with the Tango, physically and intellectually."

"Thanks so much for the class, it was great!"

"The tango [at the wedding] went really well! Everyone loved it. Thanks for all your help. You were great."

"You are such an enthusiastic and awesome teacher! Thank you!"

"Thank you for your great Tango teaching. We really enjoyed your class."

"That was a wonderful class. It did all the things it was supposed to do. I feel more confident and more enthusiastic about learning more. I love your method…. The pace was perfect. And, as I've noted before, your deliberate explanations are invaluable."

And from The Boston Globe:

"…red high-heeled Hillary Ross…torched the floor."


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